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Symphony in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green for symphony orchestra, IPO, conductor Uri Segal, ISR 

Horizons Symphony for symphony string orchestra (a section), IPO, conductor Sergiu Comissiona, ISR

Invincible Symphony for symphony orchestra" width="240">     

Memories Symphony for symphony orchestra

Tongues of Fire Symphony for symphony orchestra (a section), Belgium Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Mendi Rodan, Belgium

Future in the past symphony for symphony string orchestra, IBA, conductor Sergiu Comissiona, ISR

The Meaning of Life Symphony for symphony orchestra

Earth and Water Symphony for symphony orchestra

2020 Symphony for symphony string orchestra

Secrets Symphony for symphony orchestra

Spacetime Symphony for symphony string orchestra 

The Bundle Of Sticks Symphony (Nehemiah) for symphony orchestra (a section), IPO, conductor Gianandrea Noseda, ISR

Always Symphony for symphony orchestra

The Rise Of The Phoenix Symphony for symphony orchestra

Occurences Symphony for symphony orchestra (a section - Mov. II)

March and Choral for symphony orchestra, IPO, conductor Mendi Rodan, ISR

Future In The Past for symphony string orchestra with piano, IPO, conductor Mendi Rodan, ISR

Future In The Past for chamber string orchestra with piano, Israel Camerata Jerusalem Orchestra, pianist and conductor Yuval Zorn

Festive Overture - Toccata and Fuga for symphony orchestra (short version), ISORL, conductor Roberto Minczuk, ISR

Variations for Piano and Symphony Orchestra, Frank Pelleg, IPO, conductor George Singer, ISR 

Song of Deborah for Symphony Orchestra (part from Tongues of Fire Symphony)ICO, Rema Samsonov (mezzo-soprano), conductor Gary Bertini, ISR 

Konzertstuck for two pianos and symphony orchestra, Piano Duo Silver – Garburg, JSO, conductor Shmuel Elbaz, ISR

Pages from a Composers Diary for orchestra, Radio Romania symphony orchestra, conductor Lior Shambadal, ROM

Espaces Sonores for harp, flute/violin and string orchestra

Developments for viola and orchestra, Radio Romania symphony orchestra, conductor Lior Shambadal, ROM

Music for Oboe and String Orchestra, Avner Itay oboe, ICO, conductor Gary Bertini, ISR

Sounds Spaces for piano and string orchestra

To Be Free for symphony orchestra

Prelude And Nehemiah Builds The Second House for baritone, choir and symphony orchestra (1ST Testimonium), JSO, conductor Mendy Rodan, ISR 

An Ensign to the People Cantata for soprano, baritone, choir & orchestra: Grossmeyer Cilla, Reiss Richard, Neander Choir & Neander Simfonieta, Germany

The song of Deborah and Barak for symphony orchestra: Mira Zakai voice, JSO, conductor Gary Brtini, ISR

Dedication for  symphony orchestra, Rema Samsonov voice, IPO, conductor Daniel Barenboim

Sacred Service for symphony orchestra, choir, baritone, soprano (section) 

Hymn Song for choir, violin, cello, harp & organ/piano (part of Sacred Service)   

Tree of Life for soprano & piano (part of Sacred Service), Grossmeyer Cilla soprano, Zemel Zvi piano

Wings for soprano & piano (or choir), Text: Sonia Natra, Grossmeyer Cilla soprano, Zemel Zvi piano 

Hours for voice, Clarinte, Voilin & piano, Text: Sonia Natra, Grossmeyer Cilla soprano, Zemel Zvi piano

Sonatina for Harp Kumiko Inoue harp

Sonatina for Harp, Kyunghwa Kim, South Korea 

Prayer for Harp, Jacqueline Pollauf, USA 

Prayer for Harp, Katherine Redlus, USA 

Book of Songs for Harp (a section, 7 out of 10 songs), Inbar Vernia UK, Adina Har-Oz ISR, Dominique Piana USA, Ion Roncea ROM 

Ode To The HarpAgnė Keblytė, Lithuania

Toujours sonate pour harpe 

Eclipse for harp 

Music for Violin and Harp, Israeli Chamber Project: Itamar Zorman and Sivan Magen, USA 

Music for Violin and Harp, Duo Laskine: Michael Maciaszczyk and Paulina Porazinska, POL 

Music for Violin and Harp, Koros Ensemble, Netherlands 

Music for Violin and Harp, Erika Araki violin, Ruri Chikaishi harp, Japan  

Séparément Ensemble for two harps  

Divertimento for Harp and Strings, Susanne Gorke harp, A. Broadbent & B. Toelke violin, C. van der Zee viola, F. Ojeda cello, K. Munten double bass, Germany  

Ancient Walls for harp and trombone, Maria Stange & Oliver Siefert, GER 

To Be Free (Nicanor) for harp, flute, clarinet & string quartet, Israeli Chamber Project, ISR  

Commentaires Sentimentaux for harp, viola & flute, Trio Turner: Isabelle Perrin, Sabine Toutain and Philippe Pierlot, France  

Commentaires Sentimentaux for harp, viola & flute, Tereza Zimmermann Germany, Roman Spitzer, Margalit Gafni 

Trio in One Movement no. 3, for harp & 2 French horns, Trio Urauf hrung, Daniel Lienhard, Switzerland 

Sonate Dans un Mouvement for harp and string quartet, Jana Bouskova harp, Czech String Quartet, Czech Republic

Future in The Past For Multi Harp 

Sonate Dans Un Mouvement Pour Quatre HarpesTali Glazer, Irena Kesler, Efrat Lavry, Julia Sverdlov - harp, ISR 

Migration and RicercareTwo Poems for voice & harp, Sonia Natra text, Isabelle Blin voice, Aida Aragoneses Aguado harp, France 

In motion for marimba

In motion for two marimbas    

Abstraction for Marimba    

Three Street Corteges for concert piano, Mouza Alexia, Greece, Venezuela   

Three Street Corteges for concert piano, Suh Hans, South Korea  

Three Street Corteges for concert piano, Kamplet Nejc, Slovenia 

Three Street Corteges for concert piano, Perez Floristan Juan, Spain  

Three Street Corteges for concert piano - link to additional videos

A Dialogue With Gabi  sonata for piano  

Forevermore sonata for piano, Itamar Prag, ISR 

Fractals for piano, Kolja Lessing, Germany  

Figurative Abstract for piano  

Existence for piano  

Sonatina for piano, Kolja Lessing, Germany  

Eye Of The Storm for piano

Modus Vivendi for piano

Confession for piano

Duo Piano Symphony

Dimension Continuum For Two Pianos

Harmonic Tone Image for two pianos, Piano Duo Silver - Garburg, Germany - Israel

Future In The Past for multi-piano

Future In The Past for piano in four hands, Piano Duo Hirsch - Pinkas, USA  

Existence for baritone & piano 

Music for Children for piano, Hava Armonn piano, 7 pieces on east Europe folk tunes, ISR  

Variations for harpsichord, Marina Minkin harpsichord, USA  

Fantasia, for Cello and Piano, Haran Michael cello, Yanovsky Sara piano, ISR

Developments for viola and piano, Boasson Amos viola, Globerson Eitan piano, ISR 

Esquisses for flute and piano, Marina Nenadovic flute, Neda Hofman piano, Serbia 

Existence for piano and clarinet 

Trio in One Movement no. I  Trio Yuval: Uri Pianka violin, Simcha Heled cello, Jonathan Zak piano, USA

Trio in One Movement no. I (piano trio), Sofia Kirsanova violin, Ori Ron cello, Nadav Verbin piano, ISR

Trio in One Movement no. 2 (piano trio), Vitali Pevzner violin, Michael Katz cello, Yael Keret piano, ISR

Music for Harpsichord (/piano) and Six Instrument, F. Pelleg harpsichord, U. Toeplitz flute, G. Friedman clarinet, Z. Stienber & A. Burshtein violas, I. Manza cello T.Manza D.B., ISR

Music for Harpsichord (/piano) and Six Instrument, Marina Minkin harpsichord, Moshe Epstein flute, Gershon Dembinsky clarinet, Zvi Carmeli & Moshe Aharonov violas,  Chagit Glaser cello, Nadav Masel d.b., ISR 

String Quartet no. 2,  Saron Cohen & Ayelet Beck violins, Tal Teodorov viola, Michal Korman cello, ISR

String Quartet no. 2, The Israeli Haydn Quartet: Eyal Kelas & Svetlana Simanovsky violins, Tali Kravitz viola, Shira Manny Sror cello, ISR

Spacetime for string quartet / quintet

Future In The Past for piano quintet (string quartet / string quintet)

Sounds Spaces for piano quintet

To Be Free for flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet

Sentimental Comments for flute, viola & piano

Sonatina for Trumpet Aaron Klaus trumpet, USA

Song of Deborah (a section of the ballet film)

Diary of a Choreographer piano, flute & voice, Zmira Lutzky, Michael Melzer, Robert Cohan, USA

The Wait ballet, Bat Dor Dance Company, Sergiu Natra Music for Harpsichord and Six Instruments 

Museum On The Hill, music and conducting- Sergiu Natra

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