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The revelation of the concert was "March and Choral" for orchestra of Sergiu Natra…

"March and Choral" demonstrated the composer

personality who realized a suggestive atmosphere with a deep power of expression.

I appreciate in particularly the ingenious harmony and orchestration

and its beautiful effects, clear, balanced and without frills.

Andrei Tudor

"Divertimento in Ancient Style" and "March and Choral" are brilliant music works.

George Enescu, composer.

"March and Choral" is a masterpiece music work.

Edouard Lindenberg, conductor.

Sergiu Natra's "Three Street Cort├Ęges" for piano

Expressionist, trenchant, starting from the rhythmic aspect

of the core of the appearance of things,

Sergiu Natra constructs under the influence of obsessive movements.

He sharply displaces the sonorities of the piano,

transforming it into a huge reflector

with a strange game of light and shadow.

The choreographic visions at the origin of this three pieces work

are suggested by their names: Carnival, Funeral Procession and Demonstration.

The very suggestive funeral procession has a obstinately repeated bass with deep roar of a gigantic sigh

and cries of despair. The Demonstration also suggest the

rhythmic turmoil of masses coming from opposite directions

flowing frantically and pounding the pavement.

It is a constructive art made with great confidence and it is profoundly moving.

Alfred Mendelsohn, composer.

The "Symphony no. I" of Sergiu Natra is brilliant.

Leon Klepper, composer

Natra's "Symphony for string orchestra" is a masterpiece music composition.

Mendi Rodan, conductor.

"Symphony for string orchestra" of Natra is a masterpiece.

Sergiu Comissiona, conductor.

NATRA’s "Symphony in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green" is a monumental work.

Its architecture is impressive - built of welded independent elements with incredible mastery.

This impressive architecture blends with a fulminate, brilliant orchestration.

The particular color of the harp lends a touch of unmistakable stamp of specificity.

The polyphonic technique combines a musical discourse in a special dialog.

The contrast between the movements, the scaffolding of the four entities and the way the composer had designed it in to a whole,

emits a strong inner strength!

Maestro NATRA's great art lies in blending traditional orchestral sonority with contemporary language par excellence.

Sparkling orchestration, dynamism of the parts that compose the impressive architecture along with compelling melody,

all subjected to a precise and thorough compositional work,

shape a sound result that solemnly raises to the highest level of universal musical creation.

Sofia Gelman, composer

The main event of the evening, Sergiu Natra’s "Pages from a Composers Diary",

was not only an exciting highlight of the concert but a landmark in the country‘s musical life.

Undoubtedly this piece is one of the most convincing and arresting pieces we have had from Natra’s pen.

It represents a new, more simple and melodic Natra.

Furthermore, by dividing the orchestra into several groups,

seated at different locations on the stage,

Natra produces what could perhaps be defined as

acoustic phenomena in time and in space.

With the "Pages from a Composers Diary",

Natra had produced a masterpiece which will undoubtedly

occupy a place of honor in our orchestral repertoire.

Benjamin Bar-Am, composer

Sergiu Natra is highly gifted, whose works are quite often performed in our concert-halls and even abroad

Paul Ben-Haim, composer.

The extraordinarily gifted Sergiu Natra is a relatively recent immigrant from Romania,

where he was held in the highest official esteem and accordingly was awarded even as a very young man

Prof. Alexander L. Ringer

NATRA's "Symphonic in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green", "Horizons Symphony for string orchestra",
"March and Choral" for symphonic orchestra, "Sonatina for Harp", "Esquisses for flute and piano", as well as other works of his, are ingenious works.

The works are exceptional imaginative, creative, innovative, original, interesting, intelligent, illustrative, sophisticated, touching, exciting, intense, unpredictable and challenging. They are very well constructed and defined, accurate and concise - in the sense that they are brief in form but comprehensive in scope, with profound and comprehensive, knowledge and understanding.

The composer creations are multidimensional in time and space, with vertical and horizontal plains and elements, counterpoints and dependent voices, consonances and dissonances, with phenomenal sound tones, coloring and diversification. NATRA's continuous search for the original, new and the different, is the real and invariable nature of creation.

Significant music sections in NATRA's symphonic and chamber music works have these multitude attributes and quality.

Gabi Natra

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